Bad Habits (Single) by Luke Cunningham

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Bad Habits (Only Smoke When I'm Drinkin')


Honey, I promise I’m usually not like this
I haven’t sat down the bottle since I got outta bed
You let your phone keep ringing but I know your home
I leave a message at the sound of the tone
If my words are stuttered, if I talk to slow
If you start to worry darlin’ please dont



I only smoke when I’m drinkin’
I’m only drinkin’ when I’m breathin’
And these days each breath I take reminds me of you
You said I’m not the man you needed
Is that the reason that you’re leavin’?
Cause I did everything you said that I should do
I only got these bad habits cause I havent got you



I bought my first pack of cigarettes the morning you left
In a haze of fog and drunken breath
And I wondered ‘What Am I gonna do?’
So I pulled out the records that you used to like
Played your favorites straight through and the sad ones twice
The bourbon’s long gone but the hurt don’t leave
Tell me ‘Did you ever give a damn about me?’



I’m trying to keep my head on straight
To stay above water but I can’t handle the weight
And the feeling I’m drowning and now I can’t be saved


1. 01 Bad Habits (Only Smoke When I'm Drinkin')
Luke Cunningham  


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