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Songs About California (feat Cary Ann Hearst)

Verse #1:

They’re calling for rain, the weatherman says
It’s heading my way—a little West Coast depression
I’d give anything to be anywhere but here

You called yesterday in the middle of the night
It was a piss-poor reception for what I put on the line
Give me anything, whatever you can spare



I’ll grant your reprieve
I know you let me down easy but it sure as hell felt hard to me
And bring on the grief
And if I can’t ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ maybe if I write you a song you’ll believe



But there’s too many songs about California
And everyone dies drunk in Spain
I’m gonna save up some money and buy a radio in London
‘Cause the ones here all sound the same
When every song might as well be your name


Verse #2:

Do you think this is easy? Do you think I didn’t try?
I wish you could feel how it kills me that I can’t let you die
I’d give anything for the last song you sing to be in my ear

Your last words felt like daggers ‘cause I know that you mean them
You called me ‘short-sighted,’ and a ‘creature of convenience’
You called me everything, then you never called again


Pre-Chorus #2:


Would you grant me reprieve?
You said I “let you down easy” but it sure as hell felt hard to me
And bring on the grief
I can’t ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ so don’t go writing sad songs about me


Verse #3:


And if the heartache slips in, I call for three shots of whiskey
One for the brothers I love and a girl who don’t miss me
And for the wedding ring that I’ll never see you wear


1. Songs About California (Live at 105.5FM Charleston Sound Sessions)
Luke Cunningham  

Between A Rock & A Heartache


Who’s taking the fall if I’m pushing the blame?
I strangled all of my hope with a six-string faith
Who’s calling the shots if the gods are away?
I want their gilded frowns to finally smile on me

Sometimes it feels good wanting something so bad
Fate came calling but she never called back
I believe in things sometimes that don’t believe in me



There’s a thin line between the whispers and the wars we wage
And the lesser of two evils can haunt you just the same
There’s a thin line that we cross sometimes
When we’re stuck between a rock and heartache


Who’s the voice of reason if I’m biting my tongue?
I’m like a widow’s words the day the letter comes
“The bitter victim is the irony” said the false prophet to the corner store thief
He said “I believe in you sometimes, you should believe in me.”


2. Between A Rock & A Heartache (Live at 105.5FM Charleston Sound Sessions)
Luke Cunningham  


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