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CrackerWatch Music LLC is an indpendent music publisher who’s stable of established songwriters, renown artists, veteran producers and industry-savy managers are redefining how music is recorded, discovered and made available to the masses.

Formed in 2009 by Luke Cunningham—an indpendent songwriter and touring artist—CrackerWatch’s unique role as a boutique music publisher affords the agency the ability to personally and creatively commit our staff and tailored-services to each professional endeavor taken on.

By offering independent artists and clients major label-type publishing opportunities and high-caliber work, we’re able to meet the needs of any virtually any project–whether a large media conglomerate or a small local vendor–while doing so at a fraction of the cost and fees most agencies charge. That’s because our independent network of songwriters, producers, production personnel and managers are not label-affiliated and only answer to you–the client. Without a middle man, we’re able to save finances and resources by dealing directly with the creative professionals who will serve to benefit your project the most.

Keeping the needs of each individual client/project at the forefront of what we do is paramount and our agency’s guiding priciples are as simple as they are key to our success.

CrackerWatch Music’s Primary Objectives:

1. Focus on finding, signing and promoting great songs and great songwriters. Styles will come and go; substance however is resolute.

2. Keep our artists’ as well as our clients’ needs and welfare at the forefront of all that we do while each day proving  the ‘music business’ doesn’t have to always be more about the ‘business’ than the ‘music.’

3. A descriminate ear ensures a satisfied client. Since we only sign and represent top tier songwriters,producers and project managers our clients can remain forever confident in our services by simply knowing that we only work with the best.




For more info on CrackerWatch Music LLC, our songwriters, staff and services, email us at


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